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Tradies FAQ

How does the quote request system work?

Once registered with TIYP, any quote request by customers will automatically be sent by SMS and email to you. From here you can contact the customer directly. SMSs and emails are sent almost instantly once a quote is requested by a customer.

Will I still receive quotes if my account is unpaid and overdue?

Yes, you still receive quote notifications, however you will not be able to engage with the leads until payment has been received.

If I find I am too busy or on holidays how do I stop receiving quotes from TIYP?

Login to your TIYP account and click the availability box in your business details and that will temporarily stop all quotes. When you are ready to return to work, simply un-check this box.

Do tradies and services need to register?

Yes, we do require registration, however there are no fees. In fact, TIYP have absolutely no hidden fees, or contracts.

How much does it cost?

We believe we are extremely competetive with regards to our monthly flat rate, currenlty at $20/month, with a FREE 3 MONTH trial period.

Customers FAQ

The tradie or service is not currently available - what do I do?

Please contact us so we can find someone for you.

Do I need to register to use TIYP?

Not at all.

How quickly do tradies and services receive my quote request?

As soon as you request a quote, all tradies and/or services within your area and category receive a SMS and email. Instantaneously, it is then in the business's interest to contact you ASAP to organise a quote. It could be anywhere from within a few minutes.

What does it cost to use TIYP?

Use of the TIYP website is 100% FREE.

How do I use TIYP?

With a few simple click, TIYP enables you to connect with tradies and services within our database.

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